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Jithu Wilson C is a Freelance Web Programmer and Library Software Developer settled in Trivandrum, Kerala. He is the Developer of the Live Streaming Web Application and Website of the first Malayalam Health Tourism Channel, Medilife TV.

He is also a Developer of Sifriyah Library Management System Web Application designed for Theological / Seminaries and Secular Organizations in Trivandrum, Kerala.

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Freelance Webdesigner in Trivandrum | DEVELOPER

Jithu Wilson is a Freelance Web developer intended in Web Programming. The primary areas that he concentrates are; Commercial Business oriented website development, Online Admission portals and Sifriyah LBMS Library Web Application. He is serving the popular clients from India and Qatar. His precios potential over the web became the stepping stone for the earning of world famous customers.

The Major Web Programming languages & Other Web related technologies that he handles:

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQLi, Schema, JS, It goes on...
The websites are developed from the Computer Lab without using any Web builders or Frameworks.

He is Intended in:
Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization
Custom Library Web Applicable Development
Key logger software Developmwnt
Building Ecom Websites
Social Media Optimization
Payment Gateway Integration
Content Management System Setup

Dynamic Website Development + Hosting + Domain + Email Starts at Rs. *4850 Only

Annual Renewal Charge Pricing
Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Free Limited SEO Unlimited SEO Unlimited Monthly SEO
3 Emails 5 Emails More Emails
Limited Forms Unlimited Forms Unlimited Forms
Basic Ecom Advanced Ecom Advanced Ecom
Upto 300 ~ 1024 MB Disk Space Upto 1024 MB Disk Space Advanced Disk Space
Rs.2000 + Domain Rs.3000 + Domain Rs.7000 + Domain

The programming charges are different based on Website / Web Apps and it's Domains. For every Website Development Packs, The Disk Space will be allowed if the required minimum space become not enough to store your Web Files.

The Professional Team

Jithu Wilson C

Library Software Developer from Kuttichal, Trivandrum

Wilson S Israel

Freelance Worker from Kalluvettankuzhi, Kerala

Algorithm Designer

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About My Social Media Marketting Plans

Social Media Marketting

Trivandrum is a well known District in Kerala having too many Social Media Marketting Companies. Everyone Provides the same service including me. But Do you know the difference between other Social Media Companies in Trivandrum and Kollam (Kerala Districts) and Me?

I am not giving important Every Websites that I'm developing comes with Free Limited SEO.

Mine Monthly SEO + Social Media Marketting Plans are designed at the lowest costs:

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About our SEO Plans

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Companies are situated in Trivandrum District, Kerala. Each individual and Organizations has there own Terms and Packages related to SEO. SEO is the process of Rankng your Website above the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In our Planet, more than 30 Million websites are active. Your website will be one of them. The SEO, Adwords Express, Social Media Optimization and Social Media marketting is the solution to grow up your business. Suppose you have a travel and toursim agency in Trivandrum, your target may be to get the maximum no.of Customers looking for holiday packages in Trivandrum. In this case, everyone will open Google and will search like 'holidays booking in Trivandrum' for booking a holiday package. In this case, your site and Business Map have to rank higher in the Google Search results. This Process of seeimg your page on the Search Engine is known as Search Engine Optimization.
Theres is logical method of SEO and Practical Methods od SEO is available. We have certain limitations for logical method, increasing the traffic of your website by getting maximum no.of visitors per day is the secret behind SEO. SEO is not practical in coding without increasing the Page clicks. Social Media Optimization is the best method for getting new page clicks. This is the fact behind SEO. Your site will not get SEO within a few time span. This is the idea:'Google will put your website in First page when the Visitors increases'. We will create the chances for getting new mouse clicks on your URL based on the particular Keywords you prefer. Ads, Social Media etc are behind SEO hence no one can guarantee 100% SEO.

What are keywords

Keywords are the basic building block of Search Engine Optimization. Every websites has it's own finite no.of Keywords. For example, the Keyword of 'Web Designing Company in Thiruvananthapuram' will be:

  1. Web Designing in Trivandrum
  2. CMS Development in TVM
  3. Library Software Trivandrum

In this case, we will try to get new visitors who does Google searche using Keywords mentioned above. When more no.of visitors gets per day, Google will show your website having the particular fixed Keywords. But again we are saying: 'Social Networking Sites' are good to get SEO becuase that will help you to earn new Mouse Clicks. Every Websites that I'm developing comes with Free Limited SEO.

Mine Monthly SEO + Social Media Marketting Plans are designed at the lowest costs:

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Free Limited SEO Unlimited SEO Unlimited Monthly SEO
Adwords Setup Adword Xpress Setup Adword Xpress Setup
Limited Forms Unlimited Forms Unlimited Forms
X Social Media Marketting Social Media Marketting + Promotion
X Bulk SMS Bulk SMS
Rs.2000 + Ad Charges Greater than 6000 Contact Me

Disclaimer :

SEO that comes with the New Websites are Free and Basic SEO. The High Level SEO and Top Ranking in Google or Bing Search is done under the Colloboration with third Party SEO Providers.

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Mine Clients

Fametech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Medilife, The first Health Tourism Channel in Kerala Sky Wings of Mr. Deepu R MIBC AG Church Kuttichal Carmel Old Age Home Trivandrum AG Church Kuttichal CSC VLE Kerala Logo Trivandrum Classifieds - Trivandrum Real Estate Devus Wedding Photography Studio, Trivandrum Track One Trading, Qatar